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Dear Discovery Families,

We are thrilled to announce the start of an exciting Art of Reading project for our WHOLE school. It will be centered around the beloved classic, The Mouse and the Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary. Reading is not just a fundamental skill; it is an adventure waiting to happen! We're here to share with you some important information about this project and why reading with your child is so vital. Included with the book will be a pacing guide and other project information. Teachers have the option of using arts-infused lessons as we journey through this book together.

The Magic of Reading Together: Reading is a transformative experience for children. Research has shown that reading to your child has numerous benefits, including:
Improved Vocabulary: Regular reading exposes children to a wider range of words, helping them build a richer vocabulary. 
Enhanced Concentration: Reading requires focus and attention, helping children develop essential skills for learning. 
Boosted Imagination: Books transport children to different worlds, sparking their creativity and imagination. 
Better Academic Performance: Children who are read to at home are more likely to perform better in school. 
Stronger Emotional Bonds: Sharing a book creates a special bond between parents and children.
By participating in the "Mouse and Motorcycle" book unit, you're not just encouraging your child's reading skills, but you're also providing them with unforgettable adventures and memories. 

Special Thanks to the VPO: We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our AMAZING VPO for their generous partnership in providing each student with their very own copy of The Mouse and the Motorcycle. Their support is invaluable in fostering a love for reading among our students. 

Traveling Book Adventure: Starting on Monday October 2nd, we kindly ask that your child brings their copy of The Mouse and the Motorcycle to school every day. This will enable them to fully immerse themselves in the story and participate in related classroom activities. 

Mystery Reader Podcast: To make this reading adventure even more exciting, we are launching the "Mystery Book Reader Podcast." every Tuesday and Thursday, a new podcast will be released, featuring a Mystery Reader. You and your child can tune in via the links sent out on Parent Square or available on our school website. 

Here's the fun part: after each podcast, your child can make a guess about who the mystery reader is and enter a drawing. The drawing basket is conveniently located in the school office on the counter. The lucky winner will receive a free Beverly Cleary book to add to their collection! 

Culminating Event

We will have a culminating celebration on Nov. 16 to share the arts and other infused projects students did during class. It will include dramatic and choral presentations, visual arts, and more! More information will be available soon.  You can help by reading with your child, ensuring the book is in school every day, and asking questions about the story and project. At home, you can even create your own projects and share them with us! We love to show students that opportunities for powerful learning are all around us.

Mark Your Calendars: 

Start Date: October 2nd

Culminating Event: Nov. 16 

Commercial: Watch Here 

Mystery Book Reader Podcast: Released every Tuesday & Thursday 

We hope you and your child are as excited as we are about this reading adventure with The Mouse and the Motorcycle. Together, we can nurture a lifelong love of reading and adventure in your child. Thank you for your continued support and involvement in your child's education. 

Warm regards, 
Mrs. Delonna Halliday 
Discovery Elementary School